TEDinArabic is a joint initiative with TED and Qatar Foundation designed to provide a global platform for thinkers, researchers, artists, and change-makers across the Arabic-speaking world. TEDinArabic is TED’s first initiative to amplify solutions, inventions, and stories from the Arabic-speaking communities. 

In partnership with WISE 2021, TEDinArabic hosted its inaugural event on December 9th in Doha, Qatar, featuring renowned TED speakers who shared their talks in Arabic with a live global audience. This event is the first in a series of TEDinArabic events hosted in the region. The WISE 2021 conference will take place in Doha, Qatar on 7-9 December, under the theme of “Generation Unmute: Reclaiming our Future through Education.” Thousands of educators and thinkers from around the world will convene in person and online to share their latest contributions and innovations to reimagine the education system. WISE is a multi-sectoral platform for incubating forward-thinking ideas and solutions designed to shape the future of education, through collaboration.