How design thinking can transform your children's creativity

Farah Al Taweel

According to Al-Taweel, creative learning is the organic and spontaneous process we all experience at different stages of our lives when trying to achieve a goal. It unlocks our abilities and, once achieved, leaves us with a strong desire to experience it again. Children go through this same process: they try to accomplish big goals and ideas daily, despite limited abilities and resources – that’s the design thinking process at work. Through her research at the Qatar Children’s Museum, Al-Taweel developed creative informal methods to help kids develop their brains early through the use of design thinking. “We do not want to change the way children think, innovate, or explore new things,” she says. “We seek to prepare and support them to tackle global challenges facing our world.”

About the Speaker

Farah Al Taweel
Creative Designer + Content Creation

Farah Al Taweel is a designer from Qatar who is interested in design thinking and innovative teaching methods for children.  

Farah believes that focusing on children's needs is crucial to building an environment that empowers children, accommodates their small bodies, and enables them to unlock their full potential. 

By creating multimedia materials, including digital content, game design, workshops, and interactive experiences, she has experimented with producing interactive educational content for children and their families. 

Farah studied design at Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar and earned a Master's in Art Education from Rhode Island School of Design. She is currently the head of 2D design at Dadu, the Children’s Museum of Qatar.