Poetry as a means for critical thinking for students

Mohammed Al-Janahi

An advocate for the Arabic language and passionate about poetry since childhood, Al-Janahi has incorporated poetry, art and music into his classroom. Using an immersive and artistic approach to learning – inspired by the wondrous history of Arabic poetry and literature – he describes how the language hones students’ critical thinking across all fields. As he puts it: “Our ancestors used poetry in all aspects of their daily lives to tell stories, reflect and express their feelings. Poetry is a tool that is easy to use to create impact and teach complex theories and subjects.” Leading by example, Al-Janahi incorporated music and poetry into his own talk.

About the Speaker

Mohammed Al-Janahi
Educator + Poet

Mohammed Al-Janahi is the head of outreach at Teach for Qatar Organization, where he works to spread and share knowledge in the educational community. He graduated as a mechanical engineer in 2010 and got his master's degree in education in 2020 from Qatar University.

During his career journey, Mohammed shifted from his first profession in the oil industry to work as a math teacher where he used his talent in writing Arabic poems to create unique educational visual content, such as math and science songs. He aims to enhance the Arabic media with purposeful content in high urban quality.