The true cost of fast fashion

Mashael Al Naimi

After realizing the environmental impact on fast fashion, textile designer Mashael Al Naimi embarked on a new journey to design and produce sustainable fashion. Naimi now uses natural, eco-friendly materials to create clothing, fabrics and materials – and urges consumers to rethink their next fashion purchases.

About the Speaker

Mashael Al Naimi
Textile designer

Mashael Al Naimi got her beginnings in finance, communication and reputation management, but recently took an interest in the making of clothes and textiles with the idea of “dressing healthy.” In 2020, she began to create pieces that are all-natural and sustainable, with craftsmanship at the heart of designs. She works with artisans from various parts of the world, transforming handwoven fabrics into canvases for textile art such as handblocking, shibori, hand-painting, felting and eco print. She created the sustainable clothing brand Upcycled Abayas to reduce fabric waste, and recently developed a permanent henna paste on silk, which earned her a spot as one of three local designers selected for the 2022 EMERGE Fashion Show, held in partnership with Qatar Creates.