How our sense can enhance our safety

Ali Al Rashid

The age-old saying “eyes are the windows of the soul" prompted engineer and AI researcher Ali Al Rashid to research the possibility of detecting stress through the eyes from a medical perspective. He shows how he used the results to develop a device that uses AI to analyze eye images and detect three main symptoms: stress, drug use and infectious diseases.

About the Speaker

Ali Al Rashid
Engineer, Researcher

Dr. Ali Al Rashid is the Security Systems & Technology Manager at Government Sector. He was appointed to the role in 2005.

As the Security Systems and Technology Manager, Al Rashid is responsible for overseeing the physical and digital security, smart systems, and artificial intelligence technology. His specialties include AI and cyber security.

In addition to multiple Computer and Cyber Security certifications, AlRashid has a PhD of Computer Science and Engineering from Hamad Bin Khalifa University, M.Sc., Computer Security from University of Liverpool, UK and  Bachelor of Computer Science from Qatar University.