How can local restaurants fight food insecurity on the other side of the world?

Nasser Jaber

Gastro-diplomat Nasser Jaber’s love for food and commitment to humanity motivated him to improve access to food for those facing food insecurity around the world - without the help of large nonprofits or government aid. In his talk, Nasser shares his experience with gastro-diplomacy: how small local restaurants can fight food insecurity every day.

About the Speaker

Nasser Jaber

Originally from Ramallah, Palestine, Nasser Jaber moved to New York City and found opportunities for inclusion, financial security, cultural interactions and artistry in the food industry. In 2017, after the Trump administration’s travel ban, he launched a dinner series called Displaced Kitchens, which allowed refugees to share their stories over a dinner plate. He later organized ghost kitchens in Turkey for refugee women to start their own businesses through government aid projects, and in 2019 started The Migrant Kitchen, which focuses on food relief and employment in disaster zones.