Embrace the vibration of the Arabic language to shape your life and the life of those around you

Suzanne Talhouk

Words carry a vibration that can affect your other senses, says Suzanne Talhouk. She makes an impassioned case to get in touch with your inner voice and to embrace a world that stays away from using inflammatory, charged words. “If you want to improve your life and the life of those around you, start by using words that express love, harmony and forgiveness,” she says. She concludes by exploring the power of the Arabic language, saying that words shape the way we think and act. Arabic is one of the many languages that has a myriad of words that carry vibrations and high energy – so why are we abandoning our mother tongue so easily?

About the Speaker

Suzanne Talhouk

Suzanne Talhouk is an author, poet, and advocate for the Arabic language as a tool of power, pride, and unity. She holds a master’s degree in Physics but has built her career as a communications and public relations expert, writer, and speaker at TEDxBeirut as well as international forums such as Harvard, McGill, and others. Her TEDx Talk “Don't Kill Your Language” is the first-ever TEDx Talk in Arabic to be featured on TED.com. 

Talhouk is a board member of the Women Leaders council of Lebanon (WLC), and the founder of a local organization called "Feil Amer" that aims to highlight the importance of the mother tongue in creativity, productivity, and preserving identity. She has also published two books of poetry.