Building a bridge between possibility and hope through social innovation

Dr. Hayat Sindi

Dr. Hayat Sindi has established a social entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem for scientists and innovators to address pressing issues in their communities in the Middle East and beyond. The i2 Institute was the beginning of Sindi’s journey to bring tangible solutions to the most vulnerable. Through its flagship program “Transform,” Sindi and her team worked with a group of innovators around the globe to launch a number of projects: battery-powered refrigerators that use solar energy in the borders of Uganda and Mozambique to store and preserve produce (and, later, COVID-19 vaccines); solar-powered houses in refugee camps in Bangladesh; and an electronic medical platform that employs 60,000 female doctors in Pakistan, providing dignified medical assistance to 100 million women and children in the outskirts of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and Iraq. “We can come up with amazing and visionary ideas,” she says. “However, they will become real and stronger only when they are connected to society.”

About the Speaker

Dr. Hayat Sindi

Dr Hayat Sindi is one of the world’s leading biotechnologists and a global champion of science and technology. She is a pioneering and inspiring female leader, working to improve the lives of people around the world through her resolute belief in the power of science, technology, and innovation to solve the greatest development challenges. 

Her remarkable career includes co-founding and co-inventing ‘Diagnostics for All’, a program to create affordable diagnostic devices for millions of people in impoverished regions, alongside a team from Harvard University. These innovative, inexpensive, and point-of-care diagnostic devices require no power, water or trained doctors and can provide potentially life-saving medical results in minutes. 

Dr Sindi holds nine patents for a machine that combines the effects of light and ultra-sound for use in biotechnology in early detection of breast cancer. 

Dr Sindi was voted one of BBC’s top 100 Women for the year 2018, a list of inspiring and influential women from around the world.