Arabic calligraphy as a tool for change

Belal Khaled

Growing up in besieged Gaza, calligraphy artist Belal Khaled used his art to convey the voices of his community and create change. He shows how, through his use of Arabic letters, he’s now building bridges between different nations, demonstrating the power of art and calligraphy as a means of communication and connection, even in the face of adversity.

About the Speaker

Belal Khaled
Calligrapher, graffiti artist

Belal Khaled is a Palestinian “calligraffiti” artist who created a new style in calligraphy that’s become an inspiration to artists and fonts fans. Among his many creations is “Childhood Besieged,” Palestine’s largest mural. He cofounded the Gaza Graffiti Team and also works as a photographer in conflict regions.