Humans are creatures of profound potential. But how do we access the intelligence, imagination, and invention we need to solve society’s greatest and pressing challenges? We must engage with ideas from distributed and diverse sources of information. In the face of constant change, we must unlock our full potential - human, technological, and natural - to tackle challenges and help shape our shared future.

TEDinArabic hosted a Regional Event on June 4 in Amman, Jordan, featuring renowned TED Speakers who shared their talks with a live global audience, all in Arabic. This event was the second in a series of TEDinArabic regional events leading up to a flagship event in March 2023 in Doha, Qatar. In addition to the TEDinArabic Talks, the event included a series of interactive workshops, activations, and a performance by a local artist. The event was hosted by Al Hussein Technical University.

As you may know, several TEDx events may also be happening this year in the region. As part of its nonprofit mission, TED offers royalty-free licenses of its brand to independent organizers around the world; in fact, there are ten TEDx events happening somewhere on the planet every day! The TEDx events are independently-organized community events produced by an incredibly dedicated group of local volunteers. But the TEDinArabic event is different. TEDinArabic, in partnership with Qatar Foundation, is presented directly with the team that curates and produces TED’s flagship conferences to present this custom event for our guests.

Meet the Speakers

Amir Nizar Zuabi

Amir Nizar Zuabi is the founding artistic director of the Shiber Hur Theater Company and an alumnus of the Sundance Institute Theater Program. Previously, he was an associate director of the Young Vic and a member of the United Theaters Europe for artistic achievement. He is currently creating a show for Riksteatern Theater in Stockholm and writing a new play for the National Theater in London. 

In July 2021, he took up the role of artistic director at Good Chance, which will produce "The Walk." Zuabi has written and directed extensively for festivals and theaters around the world, including pieces such as "I am Yusuf", "Three Days of Grief", and "Grey Rock". He directed "Jidarriya" by Mahmoud Darwish for the Edinburgh International Festival and "The Comedy of Errors" for the Royal Shakespeare Company.


Sheikha Al Jassasi

Sheikha Al Jassasi is one of the most inspiring Omani women, whose unwavering determination, ambition and love of learning surpassed everyone’s expectations, including her own. She is the first visually impaired Omani woman to earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from  Bedfordshire University, UK. Prior to that, Al Jassasi earned a degree in translation from Sultan Qaboos University. 

Al Jassasi is an ambitious woman who continues to inspire others to unlock their potential and overcome personal challenges. Al Jassasi is committed to changing the world’s stigma and attitudes linked to disability.