Sarah Shtat: Fine Art Creator

Apr 15, 2021

Is there anyone among us who does not reminisce about the beautiful past along with the sweet memories of our loved ones? How many times have we waited for a card or a letter to arrive from someone we cherished? Those had been simpler days before technology took over and changed our lives.

Sarah discovered her talent in 2016 when she was only 16. She believes that age is not a barrier to fulfilling dreams and that the messages and feelings that you choose to convey through art tell unforgettable tales and stories about you.

Her love for the past and its influence helped her find a talent within herself to spread love with handmade paper sheets and pieces of wood painted with select colors to stimulate and convey emotional responses.

Sarah said: “I was crowned first place for painters worldwide under the age of 18. This accomplishment was the beginning of my own project, ‘Messages’, which aimed to spread beautiful messages everywhere around the world. My room is where all my thoughts and paintings blossomed. It’s the place where I forget about the world and where unique ideas come to me. I can’t wait for the day when my project reaches all of Palestine, so that the world may see how unlimited creativity can be born from the heart of besieged Gaza.”

The meticulous details she uses in her designs with extreme precision and ingenuity have made everyone, of all ages, intrigued and touched by her work. Sarah is constantly looking for unique ideas despite the lack of resources and shortage of colors and supplies caused by the siege. She adds: “Women in Gaza need to discover more about their personalities and make sure that each one of them has inner creativity that they must discover. The painting that I am currently working on depicts the trunk of an olive tree which represents the Palestinian woman and the strength of a woman who never dies.”

About the Author

Ameera Harouda is a freelance journalist in Gaza. She works closely with international journalists reporting from Gaza. She has worked with many world-renowned media agencies, including Al Jazeera international TV, The Washington Post, CNN, The Guardian, TRT World, Der Spiegel, and many more. She is very passionate about giving voice to the voiceless through storytelling and photography and promoting Palestinian creative Palestinian youth.